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Hotel Ry is surrounded by Denmark's most beautiful nature and virtually all of Denmark's highest points. The surrounding nature, also called the Søhøjlandet, invites to a wide range of outdoor activities: Canoeing, kayaking, sub boards, cycling, hiking, horseback riding and much more.


The area also offers nice beaches, so remember to bring swimwear and snorkeling equipment - or fishing gear.




SUP Board, Paddleboard, SUP, Stand Up Paddleboard. Dear child has many names, and the water sport, where you paddle around on the big boards, has become more and more popular in Denmark in recent years.


The many lakes in Søhøjlandet provide an obvious setting for this fun challenge at sea. SUP boards are suitable for both young and old - as long as you are not afraid of getting wet while learning the technique!

Ask the reception if you are interested in the SUP Board.




Take a fun and beautiful canoe trip on the river Gudenåen. 100 meters from Hotel Ry, Ry Kanofart offers modern, family-friendly canoes.

Are you a couple who want to go on a romantic boat trip?
Are you on a business trip and need to get out and see nature?
Or are you a company or some colleagues who need to be shaken well together?
Either way, a canoe trip on the river Gudenåen will be a really good idea!

Come back to Hotel Ry after your trip and be pampered with goodies and a good bed to sleep in.

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If you need to experience the Søhøjlandet and its dramatic nature in a different natural way, then go out and experience the Himmelbjerg area from an Icelandic horseback.

It is a fantastic nature experience that penetrates the holiday soul and provides the wonderful break from everyday life that you need when you are on a holiday stay.

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Søhøjlandet's hilly and wooded ice age landscape invites you to explore and entice with a wealth of experiences on the saddle.


Bring your own bike or rent with us. Hotel Ry rents out bicycles during the summer: Choose between a mountain bike or an electric bicycle.


The reception can help with suggestions for beautiful bike rides, whether the shape is for challenges or a relaxed cozy ride. Hotel Ry is also happy to take care of the packed lunch.

See more at Outdoorophold




Get right down to gear and spend a day with your hiking boots on. A slow day surrounded by beautiful nature awaits right outside the door. The nature around Ry abounds with experiences on routes of varying degrees of challenge. The trip from the hotel to Himmelbjerget is a beautiful and affordable trip of only 7 kilometers, and there are beautiful routes to nearby Alling, Laven, cozy Gammelkol and Tulstrup.


If you have the courage for a solid challenge, you can walk all the way around the Himmelbjergsøerne (50 km). Explore on your own or book an experienced guide. The reception is happy to help with suggestions for walks on your own, and Hotel Ry also offers a delicious packed lunch for the trip.

Outdoor365 offers several different walks in the area around Ry. See more here: at:




Since 1992, Knudhule Strand and Sønder Ege Strand by Ry have lived up to the requirements for the Blue Flag. In 2008, Søbadet in Dyrehaven in Skanderborg was awarded the flag, and in 2012 Stilling Strand joined. Blue Flag is awarded to beaches that meet a number of requirements for e.g. facilities and waste sorting.


Enjoy the fine beaches, the clean water and the beautiful surroundings by the lakes in Ry and the surrounding area.

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