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A stay at Hotel Ry invites you to use nature and a large selection of outdoor activities as well as visits to cultural, historical and new sights.


Whether you are into nature or culture - or both - there is always a good reason to return to Ry.




Søhøjlandet offers some of Denmark's most beautiful and wildest nature. The whole area was formed during the ice age, and the landscape therefore contains some of Denmark's highest points. Huge forests and large lakes dominate the entire area and invite exploration.


A good starting point for the nature lover who loves to trot, or for the mountain biker who requires challenges beyond the normal. Likewise, the whole family and the water-loving can experience nature via canoe trips etc. on the river Gudenåen, which meanders through the large landscape.


Søhøjlandet contains many good, beautiful experiences - and Hotel Ry is in the center of it all.




The river Gudenåen, which is Denmark's largest river, meanders through the beautiful landscape right outside the door of Hotel Ry. We therefore have many guests who sail by canoe, kayak or with the steamships, which dock a few hundred meters from Hotel Ry.


The river Gudenåen is also rich in fish, and as a fisherman you rarely go home disappointed from a fishing trip.


Gudenåen is for you who want to go canoeing or kayaking, hiking on Himmelbjergruten or along Trækstien, fishing, cycling, mountain biking or just experience some of the many sights along the river.

Himmelbjerget luftfoto-20140516--7 (2) WEB.jpg



Denmark's beautiful excursion destination, Himmelbjerget. At the top of the mountain, 147 meters above sea level, you are raised 125 meters above Julsø. It gives you a fantastic view of lakes and forests in the Highlands.


Himmelbjerget is in Norse mythology the highest mountain in the world of the gods, Asgård. The god Heimdal lives on Himmelbjerget and sits at the end of the rainbow Bifrost and watches over that no giants sneak into Asgård.




Hjejlen is the oldest original wheel steamer in the world in operation. Cruises are offered between Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget.
The trip to Himmelbjerget from Silkeborg takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Hjejlen celebrated 160 years in 2021.


At Silkeborgsøerne there is every opportunity to get experiences in a class of their own. During the year you will find a large number of event sailings with different content.




The veteran course is a very beautiful experience. It runs on an approx. 5 km long stretch of the disused Horsens-Bryrup-Silkeborg Railway, which was closed in 1968. The trip goes from Bryrup through a fantastic forest area, past the lakes Kvindsø, Kulsø and Snabe Igelsø to Vrads station. A very beautiful trip, which is rightly called "Denmark's Most Beautiful Railway"

Vrads Station is operated as a restaurant and tractor place and is always open when trains run according to the ordinary timetable.

It is only a 15-minute drive from Hotel Ry.




Owner Bavnehøj is one of Denmark's highest points. Up from the Reunification Tower you can see far and wide beyond the roof of Denmark. Ejer Bavnehøj is part of Ejer Bjerge, which consists of some of Denmark's highest "mountains". An impressive area to explore.

It is only a 15-minute drive from Hotel Ry.


Most of Denmark's highest points are a short distance from Hotel Ry, so bring your good hiking boots and climb Denmark's "mountains".




Labyrinthia, Land of Labyrinths, is a 10-minute drive from Hotel Ry. It is a different, fun and challenging attraction for children, adults and seniors where you can get plenty of exercise for both head and legs. Here you will find several different labyrinths that you can try your hand at. Try the fun Football Race Maze, a competition maze for all ball balancers. You can compete against your family or friends.

In the 3D maze, you can really get to test and challenge your sense of place. The labyrinth is newly renovated and with a new corridor system.

You can also enjoy both the sight and the scent of the hundreds of beautiful roses in the water maze.




The Go-Kart track in Them is designed by two of Denmark's best drivers, who using their extensive experience from go-kart wood, both at home in Denmark and abroad, have designed a track that is guaranteed to live up to all your expectations. The track has lots of challenging sections that will challenge and excite even the most experienced go-kart driver.


A go-kart runs over 50 kilometers per hour, which can be too much for smaller children. Therefore, Gokart Them has some special go-karts that are suitable for children aged 8-13 years.




Rent an electric picnic boat and experience the beautiful Gudenå and the local lakes. The boats are located in Ry Havn, are easy to sail and do not require a sailing license or experience. You can be your own skipper if you are over 21 years old.


The boats are very quiet and emit no harmful pollution.

You can therefore get quite close to nature and wildlife. Ry River Boats use solar and wind energy to power their electric boats, making them sustainable and making a green difference.




"The Falcon Man" alias Flemming Sanggaard - known from "Alone in the Wilderness" - has all his life dealt with his great passion: nature and wild birds. In childhood, the birds of the area were domesticated, and the untamed kid was often seen in the company of a free-flying allike or crow.

Over time, the bird of prey population has grown, and with the establishment of the 44-acre Silkeborg Eagle Reserve, it has now also become possible for others to experience the impressive eagles, falcons, hawks, owls and the world's largest bird of prey, the Andean Condor, up close in " The Falcon Man's Flying Circus ”. Reserve guests can also meet the mighty American bison on a guided safari.

Silkeborg Rovfugleshow is a fascinating experience for young and old. It is a good 15-minute drive from Hotel Ry.




AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark in Silkeborg is only 15-20 minutes from Hotel Ry. It is an exciting experience center with a very large freshwater aquarium and a huge park. Here are exciting animals and fun playgrounds, and you can bring your own food. As a family, you can easily enjoy a long day, as there are plenty of activities for the children.




Asger Jorn was a world-famous Danish painter, sculptor and author and co-founder of the international avant-garde movements CoBrA and Situationistisk Internationale.

The museum is located inside Silkeborg, a 20-minute drive from the hotel. Alternatively, you can sail the beautiful trip with Hjejlen from Ry into Silkeborg. Museum Jorn houses Denmark's second largest art collection, which in addition to Jorn's own works also includes prominent works by other important Danish and international artists from the 20th century - a total of over 30,000 works by over 600 artists, including Per Kirkeby, Francis Picabia, Lucio Fontana, Pablo Picasso, Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Alechinsky, Georg Baselitz, Andreas Slominski and Erwin Wurm.

In the museum's open workshop, you and your family can experiment and create your own works of art - which you are of course allowed to take home.



On the roof of ARoS, the audience has the opportunity to experience the Danish / Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson's spectacular work of art, Your rainbow panorama. The work opened to the public on 28 May 2011.


Aarhus Art Museum is Denmark's oldest museum collection outside Copenhagen, established by citizens in Aarhus in 1859. The museum has owned significant collections of Danish art for 300 years and modern international art.


Australian artist Ron Mueck's (b. 1958) sculpture Boy is 4.5 meters tall and weighs 500 kg. Due to its size and vitality, Boy is an absolutely fantastic sight that many closed their eyes to when it was first shown in London at the Millennium Dome in 2000 and then at the Venice Biennale in 2001. Boy later competed with others art museums in Europe acquired by ARoS.




The region offers lots of visual art, sculptures and ceramics

- both by large and small private exhibitors.


Gallery Habsø (Midtjyllands Kunstcenter)


Art Expo


Cold On The Arts


The Creative Spaces / Creative Spaces




Museum Silkeborg is a state-recognized cultural history museum based in Silkeborg Municipality. The museum consists of three physical departments: Hovedgården and Papirmuseet in Silkeborg and Blicheregnen in Thorning.


The museum has an extensive collection of antiquities with many fine finds from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Viking Age. Within the period older Iron Age, the museum's collection is particularly good, and it is also from that period that the museum's absolute gem and world star - the approx. 2,300 year old Tollundmand - tribes. In addition to the Tollund man, the museum exhibits another bog, namely the Elling woman, which is from the same period.






Ry is an active trading town with many specialty shops, artisans and events all year round. Ry is centrally located in the middle of the Søhøjlandet at the foot of Himmelbjerget.


Ry is a station town in East Jutland with 6,648 inhabitants, and the center in Ry Parish. It is located in Skanderborg Municipality and belongs to the Central Jutland Region. The town is located between the lakes Gudensø, Birksø, Vessø, Rye Mølle Sø and Knudsø by the river Gudenåen. Ry is a relatively young city that has sprung up around the railway.





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