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Hotel Ry, Kyhnsvej 2, 8680 Ry



Mon-Sat: 7am - 7pm

Sundays and public holidays: 7am - 1pm



+45 8689 1911 /

Hotel Ry værelser - web - Fotograf Per B

Hotel Ry was originally built as Ry Gæstgiveri - the first house built in Ry in 1870. Today, Hotel Ry is a family-run business with 52 hotel rooms, a restaurant , a gastropub , a charcuterie and meeting and conference facilities .

Hotel Ry is located in the middle of Ry and surrounded by Denmark's most beautiful nature. The hotel's good location and facilities are attractive for guests seeking an authentic, inspiring and cozy stay. Whether you are into nature , culture or history , there is plenty of opportunity for a nice stay as well as something delicious for the palate and a good drink at the bar.

The hotel is steps from Ry Station. Hotel Ry's rooms are spread over the original building, the new extension and the enclosed courtyard. Read more about the rooms here .

If you have any questions about your upcoming stay at Hotel Ry, you are more than welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to welcome you.


The hotel can be accessed from Kyhnsvej 2 and Poul Steffensensvej

  • Driveway from Poul Steffensensvej

  • Parking on Poul Steffensensvej in front of the hotel's main entrance

  • Free parking spaces

  • The reception is located in the middle of the property

  • The hotel's restaurants are located on the opposite side of the property on Kyhnsvej.



Hotel Ry is easily and conveniently located next to the main street in Ry, Skanderborgvej / Kyhnsvej. You can easily reach Ry via the following main roads / motorways:


  • Via Østjyske Motorway E45 northbound direction: At exit 52 Skanderborg Vest / Ry and left on main road 445 - approx. 10 km.

  • Via Østjyske motorway E45 southbound direction: Take the new Silkeborg / Herning motorway west and exit at Låsby. Drive left over the motorway bridge, take the first road to the right towards Ry Hovedvej 195/155 - approx. 8 km.

  • From West Jutland: Take the Herning motorway and exit at Låsby. Take Hovedvej 195/155 to Ry - approx. 8 km. Our free parking spaces have a driveway from Poul Steffensensvej.



Hotel Ry is only 100m from Ry station



Aarhus Airport (73 km)

Billund Airport (84 km)



From Ry Marina it is only a few hundred meters to Hotel Ry


Ry Guesthouse was the first building built in the city. Almost at the same time as the train station was built, which thus became the second oldest. Both buildings were built in 1870, the year before the railway for transportation opened to Ry.


Hotel Ry 1910: With gate for horse-drawn carriages and shop with goods from Horsens Tugthus


The story of Ry Guesthouse is not boring.


After the construction of the inn, which also housed a grocery store, the owner Søren Sørensen immediately applied for an inn permit. But the grant was delayed. To Sørensen's great annoyance, the grant had not yet arrived when the railway workers began to flock to Ry in connection with the major work on the new railway line between Skanderborg and Silkeborg. However, it could not hold back Søren Sørensen, who still chose to open his inn without the necessary permission. This decision certainly did not go down well with the competing innkeeper in Gl. Rye, who, like Søren Sørensen, had also applied for a permit to run an inn in connection with the new station. He therefore reported Søren Sørensen for running an illegal pub, and Sørensen thus had to close and wait nicely to get his license.


Not long after, however, there was to be a market day in Ry, which could mean a big profit for Søren Sørensen. But as his grant had not yet arrived, he had to keep the inn closed as market guests began to flock to the town. In the evening, when all the guests passed by once more to get home, it was too much for Søren Sørensen. He told that he had received his inn permit during the day and opened the inn for refreshments. Subsequently, Sørensen kept his inn open, noticing that the grant was still waiting for him.


However, this was not the end of the rivalry over the inn grants in the new station town. Some years after the inn's opening, Jacob Strunge and Søren Madsen built a large house with an accompanying travel stable just opposite the station and Sørensen's inn. When it subsequently came to Sørensen's attention that Strunge and Madsen, in connection with the construction, had applied for and received an inn permit for the newly built establishment, he immediately took action. He bought the place from them for 400 Daler and imposed on the property and the associated land a clause that from then onwards no inn could be run on the place. It turned out, however, that Strunge and Madsen had taken Sørensen well and thoroughly by the nose, as they had never received the grant they had applied for.

Despite Sørensen's own lack of permission, his wife later took over the operation of the inn, as Søren Sørensen himself became ill and bedridden. However, the fact that it was now Sørensen's wife who ran the inn did not mean that the rivalries over the right to inn in Ry had thus ended.


I Gl. Rye lived the rich Mrs. Petersen, who had repeatedly applied for a license to run an inn in the station town. As an argument in her applications, Mrs Petersen had stated that the town's current inn, which was run by Sørensen's wife, was not up to date in relation to the standards one might expect in the 1890s. When both the Parish Council and the Chief of Police subsequently agreed with Mrs Petersen's criticism of the town's inn, it became too much for Mrs Sørensen, who wrote a letter to the county council, in which she explained the conditions at the inn. When Mayor Andreas Thiele subsequently inspected the site, his assessment was that the conditions were much better than expected.



Hotel Ry: Room around 1910


Hotel Ry 1950

February 23, 1894, was then finally the day when the county council was to decide the matter of the applied for appropriations. The decision was that the Sørensen couple finally got their grant. Fate would, however, that the inn grant was not initially used much for Mrs. Sørensen, who now ran the inn, as the inn unfortunately burned down the evening before the county council was to hold its meeting.


The fire at the inn became a landmark event in the small town community. Subsequently, it was often said that something had happened either "before" or "after" the fire in the inn. In other words, the fire was used for many years as a marker, after which other events could be timed.


Although one might think so, it was not for all the inhabitants of the city that the fire alone was a sad or tragic event. For a large part of the city's men, it was reportedly also quite a festive round of firefighting work. In the inn's cellar, Mrs. Sørensen had made sure that there was a very well-stocked wine warehouse with which she could entertain her guests. After the fire, however, the wine warehouse had disappeared into thin air, if one disregards the countless empty bottles that could subsequently be found behind bushes and along roadsides around the city. The explanation was said to be that while the fire was ravaging the inn, the town's men had launched a heroic rescue effort and made sure to bring the inn's wine warehouse to safety. However, this heroic deed was only set in motion with the purpose of subsequently emptying the many bottles, which naturally ended up creating a lot of furore in the small station town. The wives of the many drunken men were not entirely enthusiastic about the men's witty inventions, which may have helped give rise to the founding of Ry's first abstinence association not long after the fire at the inn.


It would not be long before the inn was rebuilt after the fire, and this time it was a brand new contemporary inn that came to lie on the site. In connection with the reconstruction after the fire, the inn changed its name to Ry Hotel on the same occasion. Thus, the rivalries over the inn grants were also over, as no one then took up the competition with Mrs Sørensen. Later, Mrs. Sørensen leased the hotel out, until it was sold in 1906. Hotel operations continued and have since changed owner and name several times:


1970s: Ry Park Hotel
2011: Hotel Blicher
2016: Hotel Ry


Hotel Ry: Interior around 1910


At Hotel Ry, we strive every day to provide the best service and experience to our guests - and not least the good teamwork. It does not matter if you have several years of experience or are new to the industry. The most important thing is that you are service-minded and positive and want to be part of the Hotel Ry family.

We are always interested in receiving motivated applications for the hotel, the kitchen and the restaurants. 



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