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A stay at Hotel Ry invites you to use nature and a large selection of outdoor activities as well as visits to cultural, historical and new sights.


Whether you are into nature or culture - or both - there is always a good reason to return to Ry.




Søhøjlandet offers some of Denmark's most beautiful and wildest nature. The whole area was formed during the ice age, and the landscape therefore contains some of Denmark's highest points. Huge forests and large lakes dominate the entire area and invite exploration.


A good starting point for the nature lover who loves to trot, or for the mountain biker who requires challenges beyond the normal. Likewise, the whole family and the water-loving can experience nature via canoe trips etc. on the river Gudenåen, which meanders through the large landscape.


Søhøjlandet contains many good, beautiful experiences - and Hotel Ry is in the center of it all.




The river Gudenåen, which is Denmark's largest river, meanders through the beautiful landscape right outside the door of Hotel Ry. We therefore have many guests who sail by canoe, kayak or with the steamships, which dock a few hundred meters from Hotel Ry.


The river Gudenåen is also rich in fish, and as a fisherman you rarely go home disappointed from a fishing trip.


Gudenåen is for you who want to go canoeing or kayaking, hiking on Himmelbjergruten or along Trækstien, fishing, cycling, mountain biking or just experience some of the many sights along the river.

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Denmark's beautiful excursion destination, Himmelbjerget. At the top of the mountain, 147 meters above sea level, you are raised 125 meters above Julsø. It gives you a fantastic view of lakes and forests in the Highlands.


Himmelbjerget is in Norse mythology the highest mountain in the world of the gods, Asgård. The god Heimdal lives on Himmelbjerget and sits at the end of the rainbow Bifrost and watches over that no giants sneak into Asgård.

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Hjejlen is the oldest original wheel steamer in the world in operation. Cruises are offered between Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget.
The trip to Himmelbjerget from Silkeborg takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Hjejlen celebrated 160 years in 2021.


At Silkeborgsøerne there is every opportunity to get experiences in a class of their own. During the year you will find a large number of event sailings with different content.

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