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Let the party begin at Hotel Ry. We have many years of experience in arranging parties and offer everything from staff and menu to rooms and accommodation. Then you will be able to relax and enjoy your party.


We offer various events, several different rooms and our own parking spaces. Please contact us for other wishes.


+45 8689 1911 /




NOK   NOK 425 per pers.


Salad with hot smoked spiced salmon and dressing à part

Chicken soufflé with semidried tomatoes and herbs

Melon salad with crispy ham and seeds

Cabbage and carrot salad with sweet mustard vinagrette

Long-roasted veal fillet with pesto

Lamb shank with parsley and garlic

Seasonal greens

Baked mashed potatoes

Red wine sauce

Potato salad of marinated petit potatoes 

Incl. home-baked bread and butter


 Kr.  425 per pers.

Creamy Hokkaido soup

Herb-roasted dark sturgeon on baked Jerusalem artichokes

Rimmed fish on baby salad with herb emulsion and trout roe

Fillet of beef from well-aged beef

Seasoned potatoes

Juvenile breast

Butter-fried savoy cabbage with bacon

Braised pork neck

Coarse baked root vegetables

Red wine sauce

Broccoli salad with cranberries and bacon

Fennel salad with semi-dried tomatoes and greens

Incl. home-baked bread and butter


NOK   NOK 425 per pers.

Rimmed whitefish on baby salad and herbs

Prawn salad on crisp lettuce

 Long-roasted beef fillet

Stuffed young rooster breast

Seasonal greens

Citrus baked salmon with herbs

New potatoes turned in butter and parsley

Red wine sauce

Spinach salad with crunchy nuts

Green salad with dressing à part

Incl. home-baked bread and butter


NOK  425 per pers.

Hot smoked salmon salad

Served on crisp salad with herbs

Chicken terrine with truffle cream and pickled red onions

Creamy artichoke soup with crispy bacon crumble

Braised nape

Stir-fried vegetables

Pie with beer-braised beef

Baked root vegetables

Butter fried potatoes

Red cabbage salad with orange and walnuts

Salad with grilled root vegetables

Wheat kernel salad with dried fruit and vegetables

Incl. home-baked bread and butter


NOK  475,- per pers.



Large charcuterie board with specialties from Southern Europe

2 kinds of pesto

2 types of tapenade


Gazpacho shot

Broccoli and beetroot tzatziki

Marinated potato salad with herbs

Green salad

Køfte meatballs

Chicken skewers marinated in soy marinade

Polenta with basil and ham

Rustic sourdough bread and butter



Crème brûlée with crispy top

Rhubarb crumble

Selection of cheeses with appropriate garnish

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